These Are The Countries That I Have To Visit Twice


I travel a lot, many countries I go to, I only travel to once. As much as I’d love to go back to them, there is just the slight problem of time. I simply don’t have enough of it. There are a few places though, that I actually am planning on going back to, simply because there was simply so much that I wasn’t able to do. Those places are Thailand, Ireland, and Russia. All of these places I was there for different reasons, and all of them had a lot more than I expected. While that simply wouldn’t be enough to pull me back there, there is just something about those places that pulls me in that direction. I need to go back.


First up is Thailand, while I did spend some time living in Cambodia I was only in Thailand once, and right in the middle of a military coup. As such, I really didn’t feel like staying long. I regret that now, I didn’t see a lot of things that I originally planned on seeing out of a false fear, when in reality I was in no danger at all. With that being said, Thailand is a lovely place to visit and travel, especially for people between 18 and 25. You could have a lot of fun there. If you go, please don’t make the same mistake that I did, and stick only to Bangkok. Head into the villages and countryside, you’ll probably have a lot of fun there, and Thai people are some of the nicest and most welcoming people in all of Southeast Asia. Thailand gets bonus points for having a highly developed tourism infrastructure as well.

Another awesome place I should have spent more time in is Russia. When I visited Russia, it was only for a 24 hour transit stop on the way back to New York City. Since I shelled out some money for a tourist visa, I was allowed to leave the airport. What I saw in Moscow made me want to come back again, and I fully plan on doing so. While many of you probably think that Moscow is a crumbling, primitive city, it is in fact quite the opposite. Moscow is a city, which, in my opinion, rivals New York in size and beauty. It even beats New York in the cheapness factor since the Ruble is so low nowadays. Best of all, Moscow has never been a popular city to backpack in, so you will only find the most curious of travellers there. Sadly, I was not able to visit St. Petersburg, but I plan on doing so next time I am in Russia.

The next place I will go back to is Ireland, when I visited Ireland, I was a poor starving student, which in hindsight, was a stupid decision. I should have waited until I was gainfully employed after graduation. With that being said, my lack of funds made it more difficult for me to enjoy the beauty of Ireland, and basically kept me stuck in Dublin, with a day trip up to Belfast. If I could go back and do it again, I would rent a small motorcycle and travel around the country seeing different cities and small villages, and experiencing Irish hospitality at its finest. Ireland is truly a country that you can only see properly from the villages, as its cities are way too international.

To conclude, while I travel often to places far and wide, there are not many places that I would jump to go back to without a really good reason. It is really only Ireland, Russia, and Thailand, which I plan on going back to.