Great books about traveling


Travel broadens the mind, enriches the soul, and fills your passport with all those cool stamps! These days it has become easier than ever to go traveling and take advantage of the cheap airfares that are available. You could jet away for a weekend city break for very little cost these days, and this has led to a surge in the number of people who are traveling.

In fact, many of us are bitten by the travel bug so much, that we can’t wait for our next trip, and they are constantly looking forward to their next trip. We can do this by going online and researching the places we want to go, but there are also wonderful travel books to keep us in the mood as well. Here are some of the best books out there about traveling, and they will definitely give you some serious wanderlust.

On the Road – Jack Kerouac

This classic ‘50s novel is widely regarded as the defining point of the Beat generation movement. One of the finest novels ever written, it really captures the essence of longing for an adventure and encapsulates its lead character’s obsession with escaping and seeing the world. These are themes that anyone with interest in travel can relate to, and the book romanticizes the idea of travel so well. This book will have you longing for the blue skies and open roads that only travel can bring.

Unlikely Destinations – Tony & Maureen Wheeler

This nonfiction book details the creation of Lonely Planet, the world’s largest travel guidebook publisher. If you’ve bought, or been lent, a travel guide in the past, there’s a good bet it was one from Lonely Planet. It follows Tony and Maureen Wheeler from keen travelers in the 1970s, to a global phenomenon that changed the face of modern travel. It’s a fascinating read and will help you to see Lonely Planet in a new light as well.

Coasting – Jonathan Raban

If Britain is the sort of place you’ve always wanted to visit we suggest you check out this book by Jonathan Raban. In it he details his 4,000-mile journey around Britain in just a boat, using nothing but a compass for direction. It’s a great book for those interested in the outdoors and a more basic form of travel. It wonderfully showcases the beauty of Britain and will inspire you to try similar.

Vagabonding – Rolf Potts

This is the ideal book for those who enjoy finding out about unique forms of travel. Sure, jetting off to five-star hotels is a lot of fun, but some people out there actually prefer to have a more stripped back travel experience. Rolf Potts is the master of this, and this book details his quirky travels across Israel, as well as his nomadic ten years on the road. It’s a fascinating read, and he is a really interesting guy – so make sure you check it out as soon as you can.

As you can see, there are plenty of stories and books that have been written chronicling the adventures of characters or travel writers around the worlds. It’s important for those of us with a desire to travel that we check out these books. They are the perfect way to start, and an ideal way of getting inspiration and excitement for your next travel adventure.