How to overcome the fear of flying


We were not in fact meant to be in the sky. That’s what people who are afraid of flying tell themselves at least. It can very difficult to live with such a fear since traveling is a very important part of life. However those with a fear of flying have nothing to fear, it is something that can be conquered with the right tools and help.

One way to start to overcome a fear of flying is to understand what turbulence really is.  It is caused by the same wind that we experience regularly. Birds also experience this wind, and similar to them, planes are designed to handle it.  Most of the turbulence that people experience on a flight is a lot less than what the airplane can actually handle.

Getting an upgrade on a flight is another wonderful way to overcome your fear of flying. You will feel so comfortable, which in turn, will help you reach emotional comfort as well. It is also useful to learn more about the built-in safety features of an airplane. It can be seriously comforting to know how well an airplane can handle emergencies.

There are even fear of flying clinics that can help in major ways, with reassurance from psychologists, enthusiasm from pilots and even airline volunteers who demystify flying.  Seeing a therapist can also be used to deal with a fear of flying through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This method aims at changing the way you think and therefore your reaction and behavior, they are linked like a triangle. Exposure therapy, meaning being on a plane is also effective method to address the fear.


This strategy might seem a little ironic, however taking a flying lesson whether it be in a real plane or in simulator plane, taking control of the plane will give you an overall sense of control.  Sitting near the front of the plane can also help you, just like how on a bus the back is always the bumpiest. Paying a visit to the cockpit can also reduce some flying anxiety, and often times pilots are very friendly and happy to have visitors. And it further creates a sense of trust towards the pilot.

You should also figure out which seat, whether it be the aisle seat, middle or window seat makes you feel the most comfortable.  For some, a window seat can serve as a reference point to the ground, while an aisle seat can help you forget that you are in fact in the air. A middle seat, however, offers two armrests to grip onto.

Anxiety medication can also work very well and can prevent you from getting stressed out about all of the movement going on the fight. You’ll have to consult a doctor before. It is beneficial to try to use your own logic, and realize that most phobias are irrational. Sometimes you just have to do it, just get on that flight and face your fear. Don’t let fear stop you from experiencing the world and making memories of a lifetime.