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The strangest maps in the world


Maps these days seem pretty straightforward, and more than a little dull. But, in years gone by there have been plenty of weird and wonderful maps to choose from, and these have been all kinds of strange. Maps have always been our way of finding out where things are, and understanding our surrounding, but, we’re sure you’ll agree, some of the maps on this list are just downright weird and peculiar.

This is a list of some of the strangest maps we’ve ever encountered. Bear in mind that these are all real, genuine maps that either did or do exist. So someone actually sat down, at some point in time, and came up with these maps. That should show you the mindset of some of the people designing them! So, without further ado, here is our list of some of the weirdest, wackiest, and strangest maps in the world.

The Bible map of the world

Also known as the ‘Square Map’ or the ‘Map of the Square and Stationary Earth,’ this map is actually ridiculous. Not because it’s got the word Bible in it, but, because it looks absolutely crazy. The map itself actually resembles a roulette wheel more than a map of the world and makes us feel like visiting the local casino. There is actually only one known copy in existence of the ‘Square Earth’ map, and it belongs to Don Homuth, a one-time state senator in North Dakota. Try to find a picture online and take a look at this bizarre map, it’s a definite treat.


The dogs bark

This is one of the classic propaganda pieces of World War I. As we know, while the Great War was raging, the governments on all sides were looking at ways of pleasing and placating the public, and making them feel better about things. This strange map shows a layout of Europe, with pictures of dogs, stood on the countries, and the (British) bulldog beating up the German Dachshund. This was presumably used to show the power of the UK and how they were beating the Germans in the war. How much of it is accurate is up for debate, but this was a genuine map and one that proved very successful.


Map to the lizard people

There are some colorful theories out there that the world as we know it is run by a race of lizard people, one of the most well-known being the Queen of England. Well, back in 1934 this was a theory that materialized after a mining engineer claimed to have discovered a maze of catacombs beneath Los Angeles, and that these were the headquarters of said lizard people. He even took the step of crafting a map to support this questionable hypothesis. Of course, when it came time to search the tunnels, nothing was ever unearthed.


The Fool

Now, this has got to be one of the strangest, and creepiest maps we’ve seen in a long while. Nobody’s too sure exactly how old this map is, or who made it, or, even, where it was made. But, it is certainly one of the most striking maps we’ve seen, showing a map of the world imposed over the blank face of a court jester or fool. This seems to be a not-too-subtle joke about the world being full of fools. We guess the map was probably cooked up in Europe. Most likely France or Belgium!


Land of Octopus!

Okay, now this is just crazy! Germany and Russia have always been the best of enemies, at least, they were for much of the twentieth century. As such, political satirists and newspapers would often get creative with their depictions of these nations. There were particular maps that painted a picture of the countries as an enormous octopus, tentacles spreading far and wide. This is more odd than anything else, but we can see why some might find it disturbing!