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Norway Commits To Another Environmental Cause (Again)


The rainforest is one of the most precious gifts that we have been given. Sadly, once it’s gone, it can’t be recovered.  The loss of the rainforests is one of the biggest fears given the high levels of deforestation that is going on in the world, particularly in the Amazon basin of South America, and throughout out much of Southeast Asia. One of the biggest causes for Rainforest Deforestation is the mining of the many different types of valuable raw materials that are found in the deepest depths of the jungle. Deforestation comes from attempts to harvest or mine for those materials; everything from rubber and timber to beef cattle and soybeans.  While the cattle and soybeans are for the most part self-sustaining. The bigger problems arise from non-renewable resources such as timber.


Once these forests are gone, they are gone forever, and this is a problem the Government of Norway is trying to solve. As a result of a long campaign, which was spearheaded by the Rainforest Foundation in Norway, the government has agreed to create a zero deforestation policy. This makes the Norwegian Government the first government in the world to do so. The Norwegian Parliament also ordered the Norges Bank Investment Management to come up with policies regarding this issue.

This is groundbreaking news mainly because such efforts have never taken place before. Norway is the first country to do so. Up until now, the largest commitment was a joint declaration with the German and United Kingdom Governments which resolved to encourage the respective governments to promote deforestation-free supply chains even though doing so isn’t easy.

To conclude, Deforestation is one of the toughest problems that our world is facing today. It is a problem that doesn’t look l like it will get any better and will have serious implications for our world if it gets any worse. The commitment by the Norwegian Government is a step in the right direction.


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